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Here’s Why Customers Love DoctorInsole…

Alina D.

These were really easy to use and really helped my feet feel less uncomfortable.

I gave up on heels a year ago because of the pain and bought these after my friend recommended them. They make wearing heels SO much better!!

Ashleigh F


Really great insoles, would recommend to anyone.

I was skeptical at first and hesitated because of the price, but my podiatrist recommended them so I took the plunge. They took about a day to get used to but then they felt very comfortable. I'm very happy with these insoles and would recommend them to a friend.

-Sonia P.

-Ashley B

Would buy again

Fast delivery, good quality. Fit as described, thanks!

- Anam K.


Made wearing heels way more comfortable

Got these as a bday gift. Don't usually wear heels but will probably wear them more now!



Really nice inserts, fit well. A little pricier than Dr Scholls but seem to work better so far

Accidentally ordered the wrong size and customer service was really responsive. Would order again.

Lily K.

Rayna T.

Have had these for a while and using them every day. They are holding up WAY BETTER than the regular gel insoles.

Wear High Heels Without The Pain!

The Only Insoles Scientifically-Proven To Prevent Discomfort!

1 – HighStep Insoles


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Retail $99.95 Save $60.96


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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

How do I use DoctorInsole HighSteps?

Simply slide them into your high-heeled shoes or boots and you’re good to go! There may be a “breaking in” period while your new insoles become acquainted with your feet and weight balance. Wear them for as long as is comfortable for the first two or three days. After that, the unique shell will have shaped itself to your feet, providing you with stability and comfort where you need it most! Any discomfort during this breaking-in period will fade as your body becomes used to the corrective nature of the insoles.

Can I wear them in shoes other than high heels?

DoctorInsole offers a wide range of inserts for any type of shoe, including heels, flats, work shoes, and athletic shoes. DoctorInsole HighSteps are specifically designed for high-heeled comfort. DoctorInsole MultiSteps are a perfect choice for non-heeled shoes for everyday use. DoctorInsole FitSteps are designed for high-impact activities.

Do I need a different set of HighSteps for each pair of heels I wear?

Nope! While it is recommended that you keep DoctorInsole inserts in one pair of shoes during the breaking in period, you can transfer them to another pair of shoes once they have conformed to your feet. Just make sure that you only transfer the inserts to similar types of shoes.

How long will my HighSteps last?

That depends on you! DoctorInsole inserts can be expected to last for at least six months under typical wear conditions. If you’re hiking 16 miles per day or training for a high-heeled marathon, that will affect the lifespan of your inserts. To lengthen the lifespan of your HighSteps, do not use HighSteps in flats or athletic shoes or leave them out in extreme weather conditions. Treat them with love and they will love your feet right back!

When should I replace my HighSteps?

Great question! Your HighSteps should be replaced when you start to notice a decrease in comfort or support. If you find yourself dreaming about the first time you met your HighSteps insoles, chances are you are ready to meet a new pair!

Can I wear tights or pantyhose with HighSteps?

Definitely! Accessorize however you like!

Will people know that I’m wearing orthotics?

Not unless you tell them. DoctorInsole HighSteps are as discreet as you are.

Are DoctorInsole inserts doctor-approved?

It’s right in the name! DoctorInsole inserts were invented by a doctor and are endorsed by podiatrists around the world!